Woodstock festival 1969

Woodstock festival 1969 with Jimi Hedrix and Richie Havens.

  1. admin

    4 years ago

    Yes yes…bless

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  2. admin

    4 years ago

    Yes yes…BLESS

  3. Fallen Angel

    3 years ago

    Those were the days they make GOOG music. “Peace … Man” to those brothers and sisters.

  4. amy

    3 years ago

    Wow!!!!! Thats a lot of ppl.

  5. Kalika

    3 years ago

    i love the 60′s, the best era for music, fashion, slang and protests! love it man

  6. John Fisher

    7 months ago

    I wanted do badly to make it to Woodstock. Instead, I ended up upside down in a flipped over VW Bug on some little travelled mountain road in the Pocono Mountains of PA. I spent the day I should have been on my way to Bethel, New York at the hospital waiting on a stretcher to get X-Rayed.

  7. admin

    4 years ago

    Sounds good….