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2023 Boomtown Fair – 15th year!

Wednesday 9th August 2023 – Sunday 13th Aug 2023

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Boomtown Festival is one of the largest and most renowned music and arts festivals in the United Kingdom. It is held annually in the picturesque Matterley Estate near Winchester, Hampshire. The festival features an eclectic mix of music genres, including reggae, ska, punk, rock, hip-hop, drum and bass, techno, and more.

Boomtown Festival stands out for its immersive and interactive experience, resembling a bustling city with different districts, each with its own unique theme. The festival’s narrative unfolds as visitors wander through the streets, which are filled with impressive stage sets, street performers, art installations, and theatrical performances.

There are over a dozen main stages, showcasing a diverse lineup of both established and emerging artists. Some of the past headliners include Gorillaz, M.I.A., Die Antwoord, The Prodigy, and Toots and the Maytals. Beyond the music, Boomtown also offers a wide range of activities and attractions such as workshops, street parties, cabaret, circus acts, and more.

The festival prides itself on its sustainability efforts, aiming to minimize its environmental impact. It encourages attendees to be eco-friendly, with initiatives such as recycling programs and encouraging the use of public transportation.

Boomtown Festival has a dedicated following and attracts thousands of music lovers from all over the world. It offers a unique and immersive experience that blends music, art, theater, and community spirit, making it a must-visit event for festival-goers.

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