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Turn up the speakers, Chronixx has arrived with his massive album Dread and Terrible. And what an album it is!
Opening with the mega Alpha and Omega and ending with the wicked Captured Land dub, Chronixx has combined passionate lyrics with a heavy dub and wicked best to devise an album guaranteed to be on repeat!
Having written, composed and recorded every song himself, Chronixx has produced a truly inspiring album with 7 tracks and three heavy dubs. Dread and Terrible has been a massive success and the young 21 year old artist has made his mark in the reggae world.
Every song in this album is good with each song providing a different but no less catchy beat guaranteeing listen after listen and the lyrics accompany the beats beautifully. This album is well made and each tune flows into the next giving a sweet listen and ensuring your head is bopping the whole way through!
Chronixx is continuing the success of his album on his current “Dread and Terrible” world tour set to end in August. Available on both digital platforms and vinyl, “Dread and Terrible” is looking to go down as one of the great reggae album classics of 2014!
By K.Wilcox

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