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Compa- Murda Dub

This recently released underground dub tune has all the components of a classic tune. Heavy dub, massive bass line, mega beat and catchy rhythm; combined to make one wicked tune “Murda Dub”.

A new and fresh future remix of World A Music riddim or re worked for the world wide phenomenon of Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Marley.

The mega beat and massive bass line make a head-popping, fist-pumping tune. The repetitive lyrics flowing over the dub add depth to the tune and the hard core beat makes this tune a must buy for all dub fans.

The bass line is chest rattling when played on soundsystems and the release by Killa Sound is fast becoming a tune to be played at full volume on speakers worldwide, not just on a dubplate as championed by such heavy weights as Iration Steppas. The echo of the lyrics has been intertwined with the dub line beautifully and the song flows from beginning to end, making for an easy listen again and again.

A definite must buy for all dub fans, “Murda Dub” by Compa is a song that has made its name in the dub scene and is guaranteed to be a sell out in all good record stores, one sided hand stamped 10” vinyl only!


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