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Congo Natty

Also known as Rebel MC, Congo Natty has been on the reggae scene since the 1980’s. Having released many massive tunes over the past 20 years, Congo Natty has only gotten better with time and this is shown through his singles and albums.

His albums have included jungle, hip-hop, rap, dance, reggae and dub and have reached music lovers worldwide.

Having worked with many of the great reggae artists over the years, Congo Natty has made a name for himself dropping massive beats and tunes combining his love of his roots with his love of music. Some of his most popular tracks include Tribal Bass, Just Keep Rockin and Street Tuff.

During the early 1990’s he was the pioneer when it came to the creation of the sound called “Jungle” which evolved into “Drum and Bass”. You could say he is the father of this field and still is the champion of the origonal raggamuffin drum and bass sound.

This year is set to continue to be a big year for Congo Natty as he performs at many of the big festivals including Womad, Dour Festival in Belgium and the critically acclaimed Glastonbury Festival.

Michael West, better known as Rebel MC, is an English jungle producer and toaster. He has also used the aliases Conquering Lion, Congo Natty, Blackstar, Tribe Of Issachar, X Project and Ras Project.


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