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DJ Vadim- Hope ft Rio Hemopo and Sabrina Jade

Highly anticipated track, “Hope” by artist DJ Vadim was released yesterday. The opening bars of the song give a mellow vibe as the trumpets and backing dub lead into a tune that is set to be one of the most popular tunes of the summer.

The lyrics are well thought out and the mix of the lyrics and instruments make for a head bopping tune. The massive dub on this song keeps the tone of the song light and the occasional use of the dub siren keeps the beat flowing.

By far, the biggest strength of this mega tune is the way the rhythm and the beat flow, combining to give listeners the best of both reggae and dub. The rich lyrics over the beat add to the feel of this song and “Hope” is certainly a tune to be put on repeat.

Overall, “Hope” by DJ Vadim is on its way to becoming a classic and another massive hit for artist DJ Vadim, whose pervious tunes and mixes have all been well received. So get this tune now! Available through all good record stores and digital download, out on 7″ vinyl and digital release.



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