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Dub Vendor is a long-standing, and pioneering, London vendor of Ska and Reggae music that now is mainly a London-based mail ordercompany specialising in Jamaican music. In 2006, TimeOut magazine termed it “the best source of Jamaican music in Europe” A visit to Dub Vendor is online at the Internet Archive.

Founded by John MacGillivray in 1976, Dub Vendor began life as a market stall in London’s Clapham Junction  in response to the considerable lack of West Indianmusic at the time.Clapham Junction at that time was a poor inner suburb, and the surging population of immigrants from the West Indies made Clapham and nearby Brixton their new homes. The stall, and the shop that followed, were instant successes, and the second Dub Vendor store (or ‘record shack’ as it’s known) opened four years later in Ladbrook Groveright next to the Undergroundstation.

In response to London’s reggaescene flourishing in the early 1980s, larger premises were required to cater for the increasing demand for reggae, ska, and allied genres. Subsequently, 274 Lavender Hill became Dub Vendor’s flagship store and also the home of its home-brew recording studio label, Fasion Records.

The Ladbroke Grove shack continued to operate alongside the Lavender Hill store until 1991, when it was moved down the road to 150 Ladbroke Grove, due to the lack of space in the shack to accommodate the ever-increasing patronage of reggae lovers.

The future for the Ladbroke Grove branch began to look bleak, however, as sales fell and the rent increased. The final nail in the coffin came in 2007 in the form of the, which resulted in the store closing its doors to the public just over a year later on 28 June 2008.

As of September 11, 2011, Dub Vendor is an online only shop.

Former Dub Vendor staff Papa Face & Eddie Oxman have opened a small concession store in the basement of BM Music in Soho, London.  They aim to bring you the latest and greatest in Reggae Music in the same friendly and experienced way they did at Dub Vendor, so if you like to get on your good foot to buy your records then pay them a visit.  BM Music is located at this address:
BM Music Soho, 25 D`Arblay St, London, W1F8EJ ph: 0207 437 0478 or 07956 755 619
Opening times: Mon – Wed / Sat – 11am – 7pm, Thursday and Friday 11am – 8pm

DUB VENDOR has always been at the cutting edge of Jamaican music- whether ska, rocksteady, roots or dancehall – for over 30 years.

We are the best possible source for all things Reggae.

We also cater for a suitably diverse range of urban music styles – music which can sit comfortably alongside our reggae foundation.

Dub Vendor began in 1976 as a market stall in south-west London’s Clapham Junction. The business was started in response to the unavailability in London of in demand tunes from Jamaica, and the resultant level of interest from both the U.K. and abroad quickly brought about the establishment of our now worldwide mail order operation.

The usual suspects, circa 1982 Our record shack, under Ladbroke Grove station, was opened in 1980. There, in the heart of a bustling Notting Hill, we further established our reputation – not just attracting local custom, but also people from all over the world visiting the U.K.

As reggae fever firmly set in during the early 1980s, we opened our main store and mail order department headquarters at 274 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, to replace the market stall. This was also the original home to the legendary Fashion label and A-Class studio.

The one thing that has never changed in our history is our commitment to the music and the customer. As Dub Vendor was created by music lovers for music lovers, our service is both knowledgeable and helpful.

Our prices are competitive, and we continue to source the best and latest stock for our customers.T his website allows you to keep in touch with what is happening in the reggae world with updates of pre-release singles and new albums as and when they arrive.


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