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Founded in 1990, Iration Steppas was the brain child of Mark Iration- Founder of the Leeds based sound system. Inspired by the great Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby as well as friends, Iration Steppas was formed.
Today Iration Steppas are one of the top dub wise sound systems in the world. Having released major singles including “Killimanjaro” and “Reminiscence”, Iration Steppas showed the dub world that they were there to stay. Having toured throughout the UK, Europe and even USA and Japan, Iration Steppas are continuously creating new and original tunes using their unique sound of quintessential techno-tinged dub.
Iration Steppas have also released two massive albums “Dubz from De Higher Regionz” on the highly acclaimed Dubheadz label as well as a Subdub compilation entitled “Digital Afrika” on their own Tandoori Space imprint
Not leaving their roots behind, Iration Steppas along with DJ Simon Scott run a packed out Subdub night monthly in Leeds featuring many of the greats including Lee “Scratch” Perry, Vibronics and Horace Andy. All of whom have been able to experience the pioneering DAT machines on the sound systems at Subdub.
2014 is looking to be a massive year for Iration Steppas including a performance in February at the Marseille Dub Station and the Outlook Festival in Croatia in September.
The heart of the Iration Steppas though has to be their passion for music and perseverance and as Mark Iration said “If you get knocked down, you just have to come back stronger- it’s very important to persist in what you are doing and believe in yourself”

And check this wicked documentary all about Sound System culture in the UK. Featuring Russ Disciple & Mark Iration!

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