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Jstar History! No Diggity (Jstar studio re-version)

Rumour has it that some years ago, Jstar escaped from a major record label and perhaps made a series of classic reggae hip hop mashups (such as No Diggity’, ‘Tooting Gangsta’’ Unbreak my dub’ Wooh-star’) on limited 7” vinyl, that made it into the boxes of world class Djs Sir Norman Jay, David Rodigan, Francois K, Grandmaster Flash, John Peel, Benji B, Oneman, Diplo and many more
Maybe when all the… planets align and cosmic energy is at its fullest shall we find out
But Jstar has produced over 50 fine quality official remixes for artists such as Madness, DJ Vadim, The Black seeds, Ari Up, Mark Ronson and others..
As a DJ & collector you’ll hear Jstar mashup tropical sounds from dancehall 2 DnB to dubstep, reggae flavas, moombahton and even 60s Rhythm n blues…
He goes from strength to strength DJing and performing with his various noise boxes across the planet from Mexico to Manchester, Berlin to Budapest.
2012 starts with his 4th tour of New Zealand…



Jstar History! No Diggity (Jstar studio re-version)

Jstar in the old studio
The first two Jstar soundboy killers were made in the same week in 2003, and sent on CD’s for feedback. The press release said ‘STEPPAH SIDE DEF JAM JAMAICA!’ . I saved enough money to press 250 copies and thought that would be the end. (picture – old bedroom studio)


‘Blushanti’ was done for a DJ show at Notting Hill Carnival alongside UK’s Soul Jazz Soundsystem. I needed something exclusive because I had no dubplates.  ‘Breathe’ by Blu Cantrell’s was big at the time.  So I DJ’d it live with 007 riddim. MASSIVE REWINDS!
Decided to dig in my record crates for acapellas & riddims; Blackstreet vocal came from my friend Dave’s , where I spent an exhaustive night selecting records from his massive selection in Hoxton. My girlfriend went away to Greece, so I spent every night stuck in the computer and sampler putting the tunes together. And smoking a lot of herbzzz


None of the records turned up from the pressing plant. The guy kept saying he had sent them, but they hadn’t been pressed. I was standing on the Harrow Road in West London, looking out for lost minicabs. When they arrived I rubber stamped them all, handed a few out to mates and DJs in shops where I bought records, in sleazy Soho.
There was a skipping problem with the playback of ‘No Diggity’. I thought it was my dodgy turntable. So I had to get them all back and remade. Such a nightmare… said I would never do this again (yeah right)

Greasy Monkeys
One bonus was that eventually I got to go to the pressing plant (many times) and see and smell vinyl being made
on Alpha’s like the one pictured (one for the geeks)
Picture of Alpha Record Press

JS001 Blushanti received great feedback! (John Peel played it on BBC Radio 1). According to JC at ‘If music’ in Soho, he sold DJ Sir Norman Jay 3 copies of JS002 (No Diggity)! It got the maximum 5-stars in Mixmag (but i couldnt see how anyone would play it at a club!)

And Finally!…My flatmate had been fitting a phone line at a record company office and blah blah ‘No Diggity reggae mash up’. Next minute, Jive records has us down in a London studio recording a cover version of No Diggity with some part-time singers, AG and G-star, who I found via my local Jamaican barbers shop.  A few weeks later, Sony took over and cancelled all the projects 🙁
But here it is for you! BOOM! 🙂
Click on the pic below to download the Jstar UK Studio Rub of No Diggity (big CD .wav size)
Jstar original label + link to file
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