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Inspired by guitar legend Ernest Ranglin, Koichi Sakai (Komuso Roots) has beautifully reproduced the classic Clement “Coxsone” Dodd Studio One instrumental of the same name “Surfing”. Released on the Ghetto Lounge label mid September this tune is set to be a big hit for them.

The mellow opening draws you into a sweet sounding tune with a catchy repetitive beat and a subtle bass line. The instruments within the song combine together to create a harmonious flow and a well produced song. The rhythm and vibes within the song are just the right mix between upbeat and mellow, creating a beat that encourages you to put this tune on repeat.

While Clement “Coxsone” Dodd of Studio One produced a beautiful tune with a mellow reggae beat and elements of roots, jazz and ska, Sakai has produced a modern reggae beat with a good bass line and a more upbeat vibe than the original. Both are exquisite tunes and it is clear to see why Ranglin’s tune became such a classic and why Sakai’s tune is sure to head in the same direction.

What Sakai has done is reproduce a classic as well as adding and creating new elements allowing you to both draw comparisons from the original and discover the wonderful new sounds within “Surfin”.

While I am hard pressed to pick a favourite between the two, both songs have their merits. (Surf Side being another gem of a version) I would recommend purchasing both the classic and the remake as they are both fantastic tunes and I commend Koichi Sakai on his masterful remake of an amazing song encompassing the best of the classic to create a brand new tune, set to become a favourite of reggae selectors and collectors worldwide.

By Sista Storm



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