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As summer begins and festival season approaches, the reggae music scene has never been hotter and many classic tunes are making a comeback along with the new releases for summer 2015. This list contains some of the best, newest and classic reggae tunes that are all must haves for this summer.

Kicking off the list we re visit an old tune produced and released by Dubateers records in 2007 entitled “Never Stop Priase Jah Jah” by Singer Blue. Build around the classic InI Kamozee ‘World A Reggae’ riddim which was used for the huge hit Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Marley. From the opening note to the closing chord this tune has you hooked. With a heavy bass line, instrumentals and lyrics; this tune has something for everyone.

Released on independent record label Moa Anbessa in May this year, “Jah Jah Thank You” by Don Diego is next on the list. The truly beautiful melodic opening was what first drew me to this tune. Combining light instrumentals with deep lyrics has created a truly wonderful tune. One listen is all it takes to understand how this tune is fast becoming one of the sell out records of 2015.

Next on the list is one of my many favourites “Reggae Calling” by Exco Levi and produced by Royal Order Music. This tune had me gripped from the start and is definitely a tune for festivals this year. The up beat lyrics, catchy beat and heavy bass line make for a mega tune and a potential classic for the future.

Next on the list is a true classic. Produced by Mark Mostec for Channel One Sound System and sung by Sister Patyma “Zion” took the reggae world by storm in 2012 quickly became a classic tune. A recent listen reminded me just why this tune was and still is so popular now. The repetitive beat is catchy and the lyrics combine for a perfect flow and ultimately create a classic tune.

No summer can be complete without something from Indica Dubs and his latest tune with Earl 16 on his own label in May this years “Let Jah” combines instruments, beats and lyrics to create a magnificent sound and a tune that you will have on repeat.

Reality Sound Systems also feature on the list. Released in June this year Reality Souljahs created “Jah Golden Pen” This tune is fast becoming a hit tune combining all the best of reggae to create a wicked tune with a wicked beat. And with Reality Souljahs many previous successes, this tune will inevitably join the list of their greatest tunes.

Last on the list is a definite classic and another one of my favourites. Released in September of 2014 on Moa Ambessa records, “Watch Dem” by Prince David is a truly great reggae tune made just for summer festivals. Every aspect of the tune compliments each other from the lyrics to the beat to the bass line. This tunes massive success at its launch paved the way for this tune to become one of the best classic reggae tunes for the summer.

And so concludes the list for 2015. All these great tunes are available from any good online online record store. So invest in a new tune or dust off your classics. Summer 2015 is set to be a hit for all reggae lovers worldwide!

By Sister Storm

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