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  • Noony

    i pulled out my guiadtar for the first time in too long the other day. i’m about as good as i ever was. which is to say, nota0very. :)i’ve never been motiadvated eonugh to comadmit to a class or to push myself above the plaadteu i’ve occuadpied for a couadple of years. hm. it’s a shame … i think makading music with othaders would be *way*a0cool.though i may be workading with someadone soon on an album project (as a mixer/producer type … not a peradformer). which would be fun. and the guiadtarist will douadble as a bassist, so they need a bassist for pracadtice. heheh. i’ve played bass once in my life, in a trackading sesadsion by myself. but i think bassists are like snowadboardaders: there’s someadthing inheradently sexy abouta0them. er, anyadway.vioadlists are cool, too. their tireadless assault against the prima donna vioadlinadists is always amusading.a0*grin*

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