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Conscious roots reggae on-line radio station, live shows every day.


Tune in 24/7 to hear shows live or on repeat.

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Regular weekly/monthly shows from (UK times):

Chief Remedy Sound System (Saturdays 10am/1st of the month)

Bass Warrior Sound System – Caroline Murphy (Mondays 9pm)

Danny Red (Thursdays 12am)

Dasha Fyah (Mondays 6:30pm/every other week)

Earl Gateshead (Sundays 7pm)

Fat Frog (Wednesdays 7pm)

Hard Pressed HiFi (Sundays 1pm)

Hometown Promotion Sound System (Fridays 6pm)

I-Mandala (Saturdays 4pm)

Kebra Ethiopia Sound – Doc Inity (monthly TBC)

Kibir La Amlak (Mondays 7:30pm/every 6months TBC)

Kings HiFi (Sundays 4pm/3rd Sunday of month)

K.O’s Chilli Dubs (Wednesdays 6pm)

Mr Chris (Fridays 8pm)

Mighty Oak Sound (Sundays 8pm/1st of month)

Militant Youths HiFi (Sundays 3pm)

NoBrutality Sound – Icon Demus (Mondays 4pm)

Ites Vibration (Fridays 9:3pm/every other week)

Paulo (Wednesdays 6pm)

Ras Ikel (Mondays 6:30pm/every other)

Ras Kayleb (Wednesdays 9pm)

Re-Volt (Sundays 4pm/2nd of month

Roots Sisters (Fridays 9:30pm/every other week)

Salted Dread (Thursdays 5pm)

Sam Killaman Jago – New Era Sound System (Thursdays 8pm & Sunday AM TBC)

Sattamann (Saturday 2pm & Wednesday 8pm)

Selector Ed (Tuesdays 6pm)

Sista “Bobbie” Selecta (Saturdays 12pm/1st of the month)

Sistren Shirley (Sundays 8pm/2nd & 4th of month)

Soundguy Bill (Sundays 6pm)

Step It Up Sound System – Doc C (Tuesdays 8pm)

The General (Saturdays 8pm)

UniRoots Sound – Chris (Tuesdays 4:30pm)

Vital Sound (Sunday 4pm/last of month)

Wheel Up Sound (Sundays 4pm/1st of month)

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