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Shiver Shashamane/ Dub Shashamane- Violinbwoy

After major successes over the past two years with “Dread Out Deh”, and “Angelino Heights” is it no surprise that Violinbwoy chose to end 2014 with new release “Shiver Shashamane” which has fast become another sell out record.

“Shiver Shashamane” opens with a climactic build up to the beat dropping where you are thrown into a beautifully produced tune that perfectly mixes instruments and electronic reggae beat which leaves the you wanting more.

The bass within the song is outstanding and the clever use of the electric beat means this song does not lose any reggae feel. The use of the violin and the drum only adds to the success of this tune and allows the song to be both heavy but relaxing simultaneously.

Released the end of 2014 on Archetype Records, a sentence that perfectly describes this song is short but sweet. The repetitive head-bopping beat is heavy and full of bass and the use of instruments adds another dimension to the tune. This addition is something Violinbwoy is successfully able to do in all his tunes and what makes him such a great up and coming reggae artist.

The only word to describe “Dub Shashamane” is heavy! The use of the electronic reggae beat with a massive beat drop makes this tune one for all clubs and festivals this year.

Violinbwoy has taken his expertise with electronic beats and his ability to play instruments to create a song that is set to become another one of his classics and a must have for all reggae collectors!

Available to buy from all good record stores.
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