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I first went to WOMAD (World Of Music Arts & Dance) in 1998 when it was located in Reading UK. It has a special place in my heart. Its now more popular than ever at it’s new site Charlton Park, Wiltshire (I bumped into Prince Harry their a couple of years ago!!!). It’s a true family festival, perfect for little ones to teenagers and young people all the way to OAPs, theres something for everyone. It feels very safe, with the true hippy feeling of love flowing through out.

Lets get to the important part, the music!

World sounds all over, from some of the greatest musicians in the world. From huge recording super star artists from the UK to Ukraine & West African to West Australian all mixed up. Then you’ll hear bands and sounds you’ll have never heard before (check out the onsite Real World record shop, highly recommended for rare CDs & Records).

Great night rave parties too, with the likes of Whirligig & more!

Highlight for me this year will be Ken Boothe (JA) , Herbaliser ft. Rodney P (UK), Goldie (UK), Amandu & Mariam (Mali), Jazzanova ft. Paul Randolf (Germany) & Leftfield (UK) and as I said lots of new sounds to always discover!

2017 saw Jah Shaka play to a full tent! GREAT

Flags everywhere! Amazing campsite festival vibes. (I do miss the all night drumming circles in the campsite, I know… more complaint about this than anything I’ve been told, children CAN sleep though anything, please think of bring it back Womad!!?? It was  a very special experience, I loved going to sleep with it in the distance and waking up to it, incredible good vibes).

Live and recorded shows broadcast on BBC RADIO 3 Late Junction

More from me soon – Sattamann


WOMAD’s UK home is in Charlton Park, Wiltshire, where every year, during the last weekend of July, you’ll discover a world without borders, a global fiesta of music, food, dance & art, and a place where everyone is welcome. Our first festival took place in 1982, and since then we’ve taken the party to over 27 countries and held over 250 festivals. We’re currently in Australia, Caceres, Chile, Las Palmas, New Zealand, and of course the UK, so join our global community and celebrate the world on your doorstep.


WOMAD – The World’s Festival 26 – 29 July 2018 WOMAD stands for the ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance’. It gives its name to the internationally established festival bringing together artists from all over the globe. As well as presenting and celebrating the huge array of art forms the planet has to offer, a central aim of WOMAD’s many festivals is to promote cross-cultural awareness and tolerance. Reasons to go to WOMAD – Hear the best music you’ve never heard before – Tour the World in 80 hours – Take the kids for FREE (somewhere they can run free) Need more reasons? Join our Facebook page, talk to our fans and read about what’s coming up in July!  CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK PAGE 

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