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Big Cat Promotions presents Sunday Sessions at :

The Tooting Tram & Social featuring:

*** Real Roots Sound System
(Sattamann & Paulo)


*** Tudor Lion & Shere Khan
(Channel One Sound System Crew)

& MC *** Ramon Judah

Sunday 5th February
Free before 8pm £2 after

Big Cat Promotions is a collaboration between Channel One Sound System apprentices Tudor Lion and Shere Khan. The two have been plying their trade and passion for UK Roots and Sound System music for the past 6 years. The Lion and the Tiger are working hard to bring upliftment, meditation and oneness through this dubwise medium. Big Cat are excited to be launching the collective at these Sunday sessions!

It is a BIG joy to be combining minds and music with Real Roots Sound System!

Sattaman, Paulo and the crew have worked behind closed doors over their years on the roots scene to create their vehicle to deliver the message to the people. Real Roots have stuck to the original system and style learnt from current veterans and legends of the current UK Roots scene, carrying their own style and energy. It is an honour to share the arena and sesion with two soundmen at the start of the long journey to reach the masses.

Expect the deepest of Roots Reggae from the latest generation of sound system flag bearers to uplift the heart mind and soul over these sunday sessions!

TUBE: Tooting Broadway
TRAIN: Tooting

Phone: 020 8767 0278

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